Volunteer Submissions are now Closed.


What would I do as a volunteer?


    The main function of a volunteer will be to act as a troubleshooter for a panelist before and during panels. First and foremost is to make sure the panelist can find where they are supposed to run their panel. It's a big camp and easy to lose your bearings every now and then. Panels need to start and end on time and it will be your job to make sure that happens. You will also need to address each panel in the beginning with the code of conduct for the con. Basically respect other opinions and watch the language, it is a family convention after all. At the end of each panel you would need to announce that if anyone has questions about other events (times, places) you would be free to answer questions....it would mainly end up you giving directions to people so you REALLY need to know the layout of the camp.


    We also need someone to be in charge of the projectors, the TV's that need to be moved at night & someone in each of the DVD rooms. Volunteers get a reduced rate for helping out. The rate for 2019 will be $25, this will be a volunteers cost for admission, meals and lodging for the 3 days.