Welcome to our very first outdoor Japanese Summer Festival!  Complete with games, food, prizes, a Dragon Parade, and much more.  It's all going down on Saturday, September 9th, but we can't do it without you.

   The rules to set up a free booth are simple: you just need a creative idea for a game, craft, snack, or something fun to do at the booth. You will be in charge of creating and setting your booth up and running it during the duration of the festival. You will also be required to bring a small folding table for your festival booth. CampAnime will provide prize support for your booth at no charge. Every booth game or goodie must be free of charge to the camper.  If you wish to set up a food table (Cookies, etc) we will compensate you for ingredients but you must hand items out for free. (No sushi) To sign up, simply fill out the form below.
























Fair Booths (More to be added each month)

There will be no charge to play any game so play until you win


Ping Pong Toss

Step right up ladies and gentlemen for a chance to test you skills and win some prizes at the magnificent, the stupendous, the outrageous Ping Pong toss game. The rules are simple, just land your Ping Pong ball in one of the cans on the table and you win what's in that can. Candy, toys and bragging rights go to the winners so come on down and put your skills to the test. Hosted by ベーグル.


Dart Game

Bust one to win! Bust two in a row for a bigger prize and 3 in a row for the Grand Prize. I'll tell you right now, the Grand Prize isn't that great so don't feel bad if you only hit one :) Hosted by John Osborn.


Mochi Madness

The classic shell game but with Mochi instead of a ball. Guess right and you get to eat the Mochi, guess wrong and you starve...no pressure. Hosted by Toni Blar.


Shooting Gallery

Nerf Guns and J-snacks for targets. Knock it down and you get to take it home with you. If you miss no worries, you probably didn't want the Pocky anyway. Hosted by Matt DeRoma.



Because we're all going to be 70 some day, so you might as well get the hang of the game now.


Ring a Ramune

The classic Hoop a Bottle game but with Ramune. Get the hoop over the Ramune Bottle and you win the bottle. It doesn't get simpler then that.


Wish Fish

Come grab a fishing rod and cast your luck into the mermaids lagoon. Each little fish has a very special wish, and that is to give it's very own prize to you. So please, don't make them wait for too long! Hosted by Amanda Bart and Feya Chen


Fortune Teller

Step right up to have your fortune told. Is there love in your future, riches, peace and tranquility or even a possible vacation?




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