Summer Festival Saturday (7 pm to 9 pm)

Fair Booths

There will be 2 ways to win this year. You can play for free and win free comics or you can purchase tickets for $3 or 2 for $5 to win prizes valued at $8 or more. Manga, Anime Figures and Models, Blind Boxes and more! You play until you a $3 ticket will get you at least an $8 prize. There will only be 300 of the larger prizes available.


Shaved Ice Booth

$3 or 2 for $5 gets you a some Hawaiian shaved ice. Multiple flavors to choose from and so much more tasty then a sno-cone.  You may mix and match the Shaved Ice and Cotton Candy for the discount.


Kettle Corn

$3 or 2 bags for $5


Cotton Candy Booth

$3 or 2 for $5 gets you a cotton candy treat on a chopstick instead of a cone. You may mix and match the Shaved Ice and Cotton Candy for the discount.


Bubble Tea Booth

$3 or mix and match with another treat and do two for $5. 3 Flavors to choose from and made fresh that day.


Takoyaki Booth

Sorry, no octopus but we do have cool dessert flavors to try out.


Blast the Promoter

Water Balloons and my head in a target box. 3 shots to hit me...just remember that I do cabin placements each year and I know who snores.



Kong 'China' Wenge's Ping Pong

Step right up ladies and gentlemen for a chance to test you skills and win some prizes at the magnificent, the stupendous, and the outrageous Ping Pong toss game. The rules are simple, just land your Ping Pong ball in one of the fish bowls on the table and you win a prize. Candy, toys and bragging rights go to the winners so come on down and put your skills to the test. Hosted by ベーグル.


Death Parade Dart Game

Bust one to win! Bust two in a row for a bigger prize and 3 in a row for the Grand Prize. I'll tell you right now, the Grand Prize isn't that great so don't feel bad if you only hit one :)


Ash's Poke Challenge

You don't need to catch them all, just one will do. Toss the Poke Ball and try to catch a Pokemon. If the ball stays put you win, if you fall out you need to work on your Pokemon skills.


Cowboy Bebop's Shooting Gallery

Nerf Guns and targets. Knock it down and win. If you miss no worries, you probably didn't want the Pocky anyway.


Rintarou Okabe's Ring a Ramune game

The classic Hoop a Bottle game but with Ramune. Get the hoop over the Bottle and you win the bottle of Dr Pepper (not really, we have better prizes). That is, if you can pry it away from Rintarou.


Robots vs Ducks

It's like bobbing for apples but with ducks and robo arms. I know this sounds weird but trust me, it's really not weirder than anything else we do at camp.


Kuroko's Basketball Booth

You have 30 seconds and 3 balls, how many can you sink?


Princess Nine Baseball Challenge

We have some cans, we have some balls and I don't think I really need to explain this one.


Sakura's Sand Art

We will supply the materials and you supply the creativity to come up with your own unique sand art display. Best of all, you get to bring it home with you.


 Fortune Readings

Willowmoon (aka: The Witch of CampAnime will be offering intuitive readings for everyone at the festival. Choose between Tarot card readings, Crystal Ball Gazing, Astrological Interpretation or palm reading. After all, our witch is none other than the Rainbow Bubble Witch, Bubble Witch

Saga’s favorite aunt.


Super Secret Mystery Booth

It's so secret that we can't even tell you until the carnival starts. It's free and everyone walks away with a...hmmm, if I told you it would ruin the suprise.