Sept. 20-22,2019 Camp Anime


 @ Camp Woodstock, 42 camp Rd Woodstock Valley CT

   CampAnime provides a safe, supportive and productive con environment. As such, by entering the convention all attendees agree to the YMCA standard of conduct.

   The following are acts which CampAnime considers unacceptable. Any attendee found engaging in these acts will be subject to expulsion from the con as well as possible criminal charges.


 wilfully damaging, destroying or stealing property belonging to fellow attendee or the camp

 fighting or engaging in disorderly conduct

 refusing to follow or failing to carry out the reasonable instructions of a YMCA or camp staff member

 attending the con under the influence of alcohol or any drug, or bringing alcoholic beverages

or drugs onto YMCA property

 using threatening or abusive language towards a fellow attendee or YMCA staff member

 smoking contrary to established policy or violating any fire protection regulation

 using YMCA equipment in an unauthorised manner

 possessing firearms or weapons (excluding pre approved cosplay props) on YMCA property.

   In addition we will not tolerate bullying in any form, disruptions to panels or swearing during panels. Please be respectful of others during your weekend with CampAnime.