Have an idea for a panel that you would like to run, submit it below.

The following discounts are offered to persons who host panels.

Host 1 panel per day and you get free admission for that day.

Host 4 panels in total & you only have to pay the "Parent rate" for your admission/meal/lodging package.

These offers are for 1 person per panel only. There are no discounts for additional panel members.

Simply fill out the forms below or email me submissions at campanime@ymail.com.

Please include the Day/Time you would like your panel to take place.

Please note that, with few exceptions, we are asking repeat panelists to come up with new panel ideas for this year. So if you ran panel "A" last year you will not be able to run the same one this year...yes, we're making you work a little harder. Please note that we are no longer accepting Q and A, Truth or Dare, Dating Game panels or any combination of the above.


Thinking of hosting a panel this year? Here's a brief overview of the spaces and places we have to offer. Please note that even if you request a certain space or time, you may be moved around a bit.


Our rooms and venues:

Pop's Lodge - a ballroom/hall style lodge with a stage and plenty of room. 198 person room capacity.

Pop's A- A smaller room good for panels of up to 16 people.

Roskin - A cozy room with windows overlooking the field and the Lake, complete with a white board and chairs. 54 person room capacity.

Roskin A- A smaller room good for intimate panels (Up to 14 people) . Comes with a TV,DVD player and even a couch or two.

Roskin B- Another smaller room good for intimate panels (Up to 14 people). Comes with a TV,DVD player and even a couch or two.

Boathouse - A scenic room with couches and a deck overlooking the waterfront.

Yurt A - A round, friendly, tribal-style room with couches and chairs.

Yurt B- For all those attendees that need a place to plot the next world war, complete with couches and bunks to relax.

Main lodge (mess hall) - A large hall that can hold 284 attendees with tables and benches, as well as a mic and a speaker.


Outdoor panel locations:

Flag Football Field - A large grassy field perfect for every game.

Baseball field - The diamond-shaped space good for outdoor games such as Dodge Ball.

Basketball court/gaga pit - a small cement basketball court, and a gaga pit.

Outdoor Artcapade - An outdoor area with 8 picnic style tables. Great for art classes.

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