2017 Activities hosted by the YMCA Camp Woodstock staff


Some times are still TBD



Show us your target skills and test your awesomeness at Camp's archery range.


BB gun range

Ready, aim, fire! Test your skillz at our BB gun range!


Rock climbing wall

You can do it! Make it to the top and climb your way to those bragging rights!



Get away from the con-craziness and get some peace and quiet out on the water, or grab some friends and paddle on out at the Camp's lake.



Friday and Saturday night, join us for s'mores and stories by the fire. It's the best way to wrap up a fun day at Camp.



It's the end of the summer and one of the last weekend to soak up some rays and take a dip.



Outdoor events taking place on the Flag Football field.



Water balloon Baseball

Imagine baseball but with water balloons. Hit the balloon and run to the base. The pitcher can take another balloon to throw it to the 1st baseman, if he catches it before you get there you are out. If you beat it or the balloon breaks then you are safe. I’m not going to lie, you will get wet but you’ll also have some fun. Saturday 10 am.


1 Hour Cosplay

So I have a bunch of stuff lying around my closets. Your job is to take my junk and make a cool cosplay out of it. this will be a team event and teams will be picked based on attendees. All attendees may play if they wish. Saturday 3 pm & Sunday 2 pm.


Live Angry Birds

Well, not live exactly. They are actually dead and stuffed but we’ll have slingshots that you can put the birds in and shoot them at concrete slabs that we have set up and…..wow, I can’t believe you thought we were actually going to do that. That’s sick, shame on you. Our version involves a water balloon slingshot, water balloons and human targets. Saturday 11 am...although we might set up at other times at random.


Battle of the Cosplay Stars

Teams will compete in our family fun event. Classic family picnic games with a Japanese Game show twist. A 3 Legged Race, Can Jam, Water balloon toss, Pie eating contest, Whiffle Ball Pitch and more.  They all sound innocent enough but if you’ve ever seem a Japanese Game show you may want to think twice about volunteering for this one. 2-3 teams of 4 players will compete. Friday 5 pm, Saturday 2 pm, Sunday 1pm at the Flag Football Field.


Space Invaders Live

We have a bunch of Hopper balls, a few boxes and a ton of Nerf Guns...everything you need to make a live version of Space Invaders. We did this last year for the 1st time and it was a fun disaster, one person on a hopper ball would fall and cause a domino effect knocking everyone else down with them. It was the funniest thing I've seen in a while so natually we're doing it again. Saturday 2 pm at the Flag FB Field.


Nerf war!!!!

If you get tagged out and want back in? Return to base and spin the wheel to get a life potion. Some potions are tastier than others. 3 lives max. Good luck!  Sunday 9 am.


Gaki No Tsukai tribute

Just watch the Youtube videos then show up to watch us do our best to reenact our favorite episodes. Saturday at 2 pm and Sunday at 11am.


Cosplay Dodgeball

Come vent your frustration by throwing a ball at someones head. Hey, it's cheaper then therapy. Saturday 6 pm at the Baseball field.



Super Soaker Battle

Ok, so if you want to have a Super Soaker fight you must bring your own gun. It's the end of the summer so that means one last chance to have a water gun/ water balloon fight. Saturday 4 pm.



Strange stories and S'mors by the fire

We're changing it up a bit this year and are having our resident Cryptkeeper tell you tales of Mysterious Massachusetts. She will also invite people to come up and tell their own tales of terror.You don't have to tell a story to join us just a healthy imagination. So come on by,sit by the fire, make yourself some S'mors and hear stories that will chill you to the bone. Fire starts at 9 pm Friday and Saturday and stories start at 10ish.


Slip and Slide

We have a hill, we have a slip and slide...so why not? Flag Football Field.