Confirmed for 2017


Outdoor Japanese Summer Festival

An outdoor festival, complete with carnival games, prizes, food and much more.  As usual we are asking attendees to step up and take charge, so if you have an idea for a carnival game you wish to run or a booth you'd like to set up just let us know on the Carnival event page.



Because we know you've always wanted to pelt Pikachu in the head.


Murder at CampAnime

So instead of doing a musical this year we are going to do a Murder Mystery after dinner party. We will meet on Friday and Saturday to go write the script and rehearse and then Saturday night we will perform at an after dinner party. yeah, it sounds simple but we're only giving you 1 hour to write the script and another hour to rehearse it. Yay! Writing and auditions Friday 8 pm at the Boathouse, Rehearsal Saturday 1 pm at Pop's Lodge, Performance Saturday 6pm at Pop's Lodge.


Bonsai Workshop

This 90 minute class has a $12 entry fee to help cover costs. Participants in this workshop will get a Bonsai tree, pot, soil, rocks and a tool set to maintain the Bonsai (a $40 value). Victor will be on hand to walk you through the basics of Bonsai and the requirements to maintain a health, happy Bonsai. We ask that you pre-register ahead of time so we have enough Bonsai Trees for everybody, we will have extras in case you forget but letting us know ahead of time would be nice. Saturday 7:30 in the Dining Hall.


Pie the promoter

   So every can has a few panels that get canceled for one reason or another. Here's the deal, for every panel that gets canceled you get 1 pie to hit me in the face with. So if 6 panels get canned you get 6 shots. This is only for panels that are canceled that day, if we change the schedule before the Friday of the con that will not count. Outdoor events canceled by rain do not count as well. So if you're running a panel this year....get your butt to your panel room. Saturday 5:45 pm at the Dining Hall.


Cosplay Contest

   Dress to impress for our annual cosplayer contest. Points are given for originality, overall look, ability to stay in character, and overall attitude. There will be smaller prizes for the best male and female costume as well as an overall grand prize. Please note that cosplayers spend a lot of time and effort on their costumes. ALL of them deserve respect and recognition throughout the con. Judged by our Con Queen along with her royal subjects. . Friday at 7 pm, Saturday at 3 pm, and Sunday at 1pm in the Dining Hall. You do not need to pre-register and you MAY enter all 3 days.


Cosplay Fashion Show

   It's not a judged contest just a chance to walk the runway and strut your stuff and show the world what you did with your cosplay this year. The questions that we will ask you will be "How did you make this or that". We will not be asking you to answer "in character". It's more of a chance to share your knowledge with others and maybe even pick up a tip or two for your next cosplay idea. Points will not be given but it's still a ton of fun. Saturday 2 pm in the Dining Hall.



   Here is your chance to get on stage and belt out a tune for the world to hear. You can sing alone or with a group so get up there and show us what you've got. Hosted by Katrina Dupont & Haruvamp. Friday and Saturday  at 9 pm at Pop's Main.



Hetalia Candy Taste Test

Contestants will be blindfolded and given different candies from around the world; they will then have to let us know what country it is from (you CANNOT participate if you have ANY kind of food allergies). Please note that not all the candies will be sweet and some flavors may be unexpected. Guess right and the audience gets the treats as well, guess wrong and the audience gets really, really pissed at you. No pressure.  Friday at 4 pm, Saturday at 11 am and Sunday at 11 am in the Dining Hall.


Battle of the Cosplay Stars.

   Teams will compete in our first every family fun event. Classic family picnic games with a Japanese game show twist. A 3 Legged Race, Pong, Can Jam, Fill the bucket with Water, Pie Eating Contest, Whiffle Ball Pitch. They all sound innocent enough, but if you’ve ever seen a Japanese game show, you may want to think twice about volunteering for this one. 4 people per team may participate. Advance registration is suggested. Friday 5 pm,Saturday 2 pm, Sunday 1 pm. at the Flag Football Field.


Gaki No Tsukai tribute

   Just watch the Youtube videos then show up to watch us do our best to reenact our favorite episodes. As per your request we are now having audience participation for this event...God help you all. Saturday at 3 pm and Sunday at 11 am at the Flag Football Field.



Cosplay Dating Game

  Description: Parings, parings, and parings galore! Step right up and find your cosplay lover~ No couple is off limits! Come take a risk in finding your one true love! With the rules of no limits on whom you can adore, anyone from any world, planet, galaxy, or time period love is love everyone! Saturday 4pm in the Dining Hall.


Pie Eating Contest

  Because who doesn't like free pie :) Saturday and Sunday at 3 pm in the Dining Hall.