The cabins are shared dorm style cabins with electricity and outlets, it's a "Summer Camp" set up. There are hotels in the area if you want something more fancy and private. Unless you have a large group that wants to stay together we generally put 6 people per cabin. We have female cabins, male cabins and mixed cabins. The beds are bunk beds and you must bring your own sheets, blankets and pillows. You must also bring your own toiletries such as soap, shampoo and a towel. A flashlight is also a must. There are 2 mens facilities, 4 gender neutral and 6 womens facilities complete with individual showers. The Boathouse and Roskin cabins have facilities attached to them.


    If you have a child with special needs and need a private cabin let us know asap, we have a few cabins set aside for this but we CANNOT guarantee if you don't book ahead of time.


   The 1st number/name is the cabin. The items in parentheses are the number of beds per room and any extra items the cabin might have such as a deck. So (2/10 deck) means the cabin has 2 rooms, the 1st has 2 beds and the second has 10 beds and the cabin has an outdoor deck. A (16) means that there is 1 room with 16 beds.


   Minors CANNOT stay in mixed male/female cabins unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. We do have family cabins for these instances. Don't to ask me to make an exception the answer will be no.


   The big question since year one has been "Can I switch my cabin once camp starts?"  The answer is "Yes". Just let us know and we can move you, it's no big deal...some people snore, we get it.


Cabin listed in blue are filled. Unless you are specifically asking to be placed there to be with your friends we will not be placing more people in those cabins.


I will be doing final cabin placements 9/18/18, if I have your forms I should have you listed in a cabin at that time. If I do not have your forms I cannot place you yet. If your forms are incomplete I cannot place you. Call me if you have any questions 860-803-1965- Matt


Den Cabins 2,3,5,8,10



1-(YMCA storage)



2 (2/8 indoor  table) Den Mother Cabin


3 (2/10 indoor  table) Den Father Cabin

5 (16 indoor and outdoor  table) Den Mother Cabin


6 (2/11 porch) SN



7 (2/12 deck, outdoor  table, deck w/tree)



8 (2/11 deck, outdoor  table) Den Mother Cabin



9 (16 indoor table) SN



Trailside (3 indoor  table, deck) SN Cabin



10 (16 indoor and  outdoor table)


11 (16 indoor and  outdoor table)



Lake View (3 outdoor  deck) Registration



12  (16)


13  (16)




14 (2/10 deck) Mixed parent cabin



Oak Hill (3  porch)



15  (16)



16 (6/12 deck w/table,  outdoor table, indoor bench) Adult mixed cabin




17 (2/10 deck, outdoor table, indoor bench)

Ashley O'Donnell, Isabella McCarthy, Nicole Oliveria, Christina Palumbo,


18 (2/14 outdoor  table)



19 (2/14 outdoor  table)



Buckingham (2/6/6 deck  with table, outdoor table)



Boathouse A- (2/18 deck,  kitchen, table, bathroom)



Boathouse B- (2/18 deck, kitchen, table, bathroom)



Roskin Lodge A (2/16  bathroom, tv ) Mixed Adult Cabin



Roskin B (2/16 bathroom,  tv)



Roskin A1 (4) SN



Roskin A2 (6) SN



Roskin B1 (4) SN



Roskin B2 (8) Medical



Yurt C (16)



Kyle's Cabin (14)