Need J-Snacks?

We offer 6 assortments that can be picked up anywhere you see us at cons. Pay now and pick up as you leave the dealers room, no need to carry it around all day. We also offer in store pick up.

Sorry no shipping as of this time.



1-“Personal Party Pack” $5

One Bottle of Ramune and 1 Chocolate Midi Pocky



2-“Death Note by Chocolate” $10

Two Chocolate Midi Pocky, 1 Mario Bros. Chocolate covered

 puffed rice, 1 Chocolate Panda Cookies



3-“Strawberry 60%” $20

One Strawberry Pocky, 1 Strawberry Mochi,

1 Strawberry Ramune, 1 Green Tea Midi Pocky

1 Chocolate Midi Pocky



4-“Pocky x Pocky” $20

1 box each of Chocolate Pocky, Strawberry Pocky,

 Almond Pocky, Chocolate and Green Tea Midi



5-“Party Pack” $20

1 party Pack of Chocolate and Strawberry Pocky,

PLUS 3 Ramune


6-“Ramune 1/2” $40

One bottle of each of the 10 flavors of Ramune,

 2 Chocolate Midi Pocky, 1 Strawberry Pocky,

2 Green Tea Midi Pocky, 1 Pack Chocolate J-Cookie