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Special thanks to the following Individuals


Technical support by Keith Lee.


Photography by Eric LaCore Photography.

(Eric and Katerina LaCore)


Videos by Anthony Santos.


Moral support by Cynthia DeRoma.


Rebecca Meakin our actress extraordinaire.


Sarah Hodge-Wetherbe for being our spooky bonfire storyteller and a perfect panelist.


Outdoor events by Ozzy Guy and Haruvamp.


Dance lessons by Chinue Clifford.


Additional photos by Gareth Mannion.


Feya Chen for being Feya.


Deborah Meyerriecks for being the definition of the word mom.


Susannah MacNeil for busting her butt helping with all the litlte things that need to be done...and even the big ones.


Dance and Mujsic provided by Krytical Hit.


    CampAnime is a con that is literally run by fans. Every panelist, helper, volunteer and anyone associated with the con helps out because they love the hobby. With the exception of special guests, no one gets paid for their work. Why do we all drive ourselves crazy running the show? We love anime, we love manga and we want to share that with as many people as we can. We may not be the largest show around and we're definitely not the most organized but we do our best to be unique and fun...two things that all con-goers aspire to be.