2016 is going to mark a change in our guest roster. We are going to forgo the usual VA guest and instead focus on getting more teachers in to run workshops. We will still have a few guests but we are really going to try to focus on more things like our Bonsai, Watercolor, Japanese Calligraphy and Sushi classes...and maybe even a Kabuki workshop. These will be the type of guests that we will focus on this year. VA Guests are awesome and I love them but each year attendees keep asking for more "hands on" workshops. I'll do my best.



    A model and extraordinary cosplayer who brings a touch of elegance to every con she attends. Not                                                                                only is she willing to share her knowledge of costuming to anyone who asks she is also one of the extraordinarily kind and helpful people in this world. She generously hosts our Cosplay contest, Karaoke contest and a plethora of outdoor activities each year. So if she's not busy helping us pick her brain for cosplay tips and tricks, you won't be disappointed.


Victor Eng


Victor Eng has been teaching, creating, and marketing bonsai since 1972. He founded and was president and CEO of Bonsai Dynasty, Inc, a retail bonsai store in the wholesale flower district of New York City from 1976-1991. Bonsai Dynasty was the first bonsai store of its kind in New York, and one of the largest in the country.


Prior to starting Bonsai Dynasty, Victor studied bonsai as an apprentice under bonsai master Frank Okamura, the former curator of the magnificent Brooklyn Botanical Gardens' Bonsai Collection. Victor has also set up special bonsai displays, and given seminars at the annual New York Horticultural Society Spring Flower Show, and the annual Long Island Flower Show.


In addition to being a bonsai specialist, Victor is a certified lawn and garden expert, and has served as the manager of many Frank's Store Nurseries. Bonsai Gardens has been exhibiting in a booth at the annual Connecticut Flower and Garden Show in Hartford, CT, every February.