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Frequently asked questions.


Q: What is CampAnime?

A: CampAnime is a 3 day convention run each Summer at the YMCA Camp Woodstock Conference and Retreat center located at 42 Camp Road, Woodstock Valley CT. It is different from a traditional convention due to the fact that there are outdoor activities as well as indoor activities and activities that you would normally do at a summer boating.


Q: How big is the camp?

A: Big, real big. It takes about 15 minutes to walk from one end of the camp to the other.


Q: How do I sign up for the convention?

A: Check out our registration page for all the info.


Q: Should I book a room at a hotel?

A: There are cabins that can be rented for the duration of the con. They are "dorm" style cabins with bunk beds and multiple people staying in each cabin. If you wish a more private room there are several hotels in the area. If you want a more campy experience with a tent or RV; check out Chamberlain Lake Campground. It's within walking distance but like much of CT there are no streetlights so I wouldn't advise walking at night.


Q: I’m a teenager, can I come alone? I’m a parent, do I need to pay?

A: We recommend that all minors (18 and under) attend with a paying adult or guardian. You cannot sleep over at the camp unless a parent, guardian or "Den Mom" with you. The camp does provide "Den Mothers" but you need to let us know ahead of time if you need one Parents get a massively discounted rate and only have to pay $9.99 for a weekend pass. We do this to encourage parents to come and spend the weekend with their kids.




Q: I really want to see your Guest. Will she/he be there all 3 days?

A: The guests we invite to CampAnime are educational guests. We have Sume-i teachers, Taiko Drum teachers, Calligraphy teachers, Puppeteers, Bonzai teachers and more. Most of our teaching guests are there for their classes and they may not be able to be there all 3 days due to other teaching obligations. Make sure you heck the schedule to make sure your guest will be there the day you wish to attend.



Q: What are the hours/panel schedule of CampAnime?

A: Panels are posted as they come to us. A final schedule will be posted a week prior to the con, as with any con things are subject to change the day of the event.

General hours of the con are as follows

Fri: 3 pm-11:30 pm

Sat: 8 am-11:30 pm

Sun: 8 am-4 pm


Q: How much money should I bring to the con?

A: Other then any class that has a materials example would be the Bonsai class ($19.99 but you get a tree, soild, rocks and tools-a $60 retail value) there are no additional charges for ANY panel or activity at the con. Any class with a cost associated with it will be listed on the registration page. We have a dealers room and artist's alley so bring what you can afford to spend in those rooms. The camp provides meals and lodging which you can purchase as part of your con package.


Q: Will a (fill in the blank) panel be at CampAnime?

A: We do our best to have a nice diverse selection of panels. If you have an idea for one that you don't see on our list or if you want to run one yourself please contact us. We really do not run 18+ panels, we use the "Mom" rule at our con. If it would embarrass your mom then we probably don't run it. Does this mean that we don't run adult panels. No, we run many but we ask our panelists to refrain from using foul language. Our theory is that if you cannot run a panel without cursing you probably shouldn't be running a panel to begin with.


Q:What if it rains?

A: Don't worry we still have indoor conference rooms and tons of indoor events planned. Fingers crossed, though, for a nice sunny weekend. Bring your bathing suit and let's hope for the best. ^_^


Q: Any chance I can get some free tickets?

A: We need volunteers and you get free admission for volunteering, so...


Q: Is it like a camp where you sleep in a tent, don't shower and go to the bathroom in the woods?

A: It is a more modern camp and you sleep in a cabin, there are multiple indoor showers (men and women have separate bathrooms, we also have unisex facilities) and toilets so please shower daily and don't poop in the woods. Please note that they are shared cabins and you must bring your own linens and pillows.


Q: Can I stay in a cabin with my family or friends....does it have to be 8 people per cabin?

A: You can stay with whomever you wish, just let me know where you want to be assigned. We have as few as 4 people per cabin, so if you want a semi private one let us know, we will do our best to provide one. These cabin fill up quickly though and we expect to sell out again. If you want to hang with a large group of friends (16-30) let us know that as well as there are cabins to accommodate every need. Please note that the lodging rate is per person and not per cabin.


Q:Can I bring liquor to the con.

A: No, the answer is no. If you can't go through the weekend without a drink you might want to rethink your life.


Q: Since there is an archery range can I bring a real bow with arrows?

A: Yes and no. The YMCA will provide the bows and we have a no-weapons policy at the show, so no real weapons of ANY kind are permitted. The exception is if you want to use your own bow for Archery. In this case, you will drop off your bow during registration and the YMCA staff will hold on to it during the con and allow you to use it during Archery. It will stay locked up in the Archery locker while not in use.


Q: Can I book a cabin the day of the show or do I have to pre-pay for it?

A: You can book lodging and meals at the registration table however we strongly encourage you to book ahead of time. We will not have time to really figure out cabin placements during registration, we are keeping some lodging on reserve but it will be hard for us to do anything other then put a bunch of people together in one cabin. If you know who you want to stay with and plan on paying the day of the con PLEASE let me know ahead of time who you wish to lodge with.


Q: Can I smoke at the con.

A: We ask that you try your best to forgo smoking during the weekend. We're in the middle of the woods during the dry season so it's not the best place to smoke. We offer free nicotine gum to anyone who needs it at no charge.


Q:My child is gay, lesbian, trans gendered, can they still attend.

A: As a parent of a daughter who was viciously bullied at school I understand the question. It's a weird time in the world where the divide between intolerance and caring is at an all time high. You either get it or you don't. For a parent to have to ask if their child will be safe and accepted at ANY event they wish to go is troubling. The good thing about Anime cons is that it's a good group of people who attend. The Anime community is incredibly giving of themselves. They are helpful, kind, tolerant and look at these kids and have hope for the future. Anyone is welcome and everyone will be treated with the respect they deserve.


Q:I'm afraid there are a lot of drugs at cons, are there?

A: No, at least none of the shows I've ever been too (which is a ton) The majority of shows,mine included, have zero tolerance for anything that might endanger the welfare of others. If you bring illegal substances to the camp you will be arrested. We will not give you a warning, we will not just kick you out and send you home, we will call the police and have you arrested.