Goes online for 2020 Sept 12-13, 2020 Live Panels,Game,Tutorials & More
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We use our larger rooms for events but still have a small dealers room for all to enjoy.

Neko-Jin Designs


The Neko team will be there selling tons of cute stuff that you know you want. Cute, cool and affordable...what else could you ask for.


Matt's Sportscards & Comics


Pocky, Gummies, Ramune the three staples of a good con diet. Heck, it's only 1 weekend so why not splurge. We will also be handing out J-snacks during most of the game shows and contests so make sure you enter for a chance to win some free snacks.

Black Knight Comics


Val From Black Knight Comics and Bakuretsucon will be on hand with keychains, figures, Sailor Moon galore and tons of other things that will make you smile. So stop by and check out the cuteness.

Jayy's Nest


Jayy is a Boston-based cartoonist and crafter who likes bright colors and pretty boys. Find them online at